Is data security really a threat in the cloud?

It feels like every week there’s a new scandal hitting the headlines about security breaches and lost data. Yes, data breaches have huge implications for your company, and yet the ICO reports that every quarter, UK organisations experience 560 data breaches. Furthermore, research from the Ponemon Institute shows that the total cost of data breaches has risen by 23% over the last two years.

The Data Protection Act makes securing your information a legal requirement, which is understandably making many organisations wary of where they’re storing their information, and tightly controlling who has access to it. Data from IDG Research Services shows that for companies that have no plans to move to the cloud, 90% cite security as their primary concern.

But should you be worried?
Whether real or perceived, security and privacy concerns are the biggest barriers to cloud adoption. However, despite many companies having their reservations, the global study ‘Hybrid Cloud – From Hype to Reality’ shows that confidence in cloud security is growing rapidly; 60% of companies believe the public cloud is more secure than it was three years ago, and 61% said they believed cloud-based storage to be more secure than on-premise.

The study states: “In reality, because hybrid-cloud is inherently flexible and customisable to an organisation’s requirements, it may in fact better mitigate security concerns and other issues that are slowing adoption and implementation.”

Secure your data with a hybrid-cloud
A hybrid-cloud approach means that all your data is still protected by your in-house policies; stored inside the private cloud, being encrypted and located behind firewalls at all times, even during transmission.

The analysis from IDG Research Services actually concludes that two years from now, cloud users expect their application deployments to triple, indicating that as cloud computing matures, more companies are understanding the benefits of what hybrid-cloud has to offer.

To take advantage of hybrid-cloud for your data security, Data Fabric, enabled by NetApp, gives you control and choice by providing a platform that you can manage data and enforce policies from, across a range of cloud service providers. Delivered through a software-defined approach, the Data Fabric enables you to:

  • Benefit from common data services across your choice of resources.
  • Leverage the value of your data no matter where it resides.
  • Move data from one cloud to another, with ease.
  • Gain the data control and choice to realise the full potential of the hybrid cloud.

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