How easily do you migrate data to your hybrid-cloud?

Commentary from Computer Weekly says “enterprises have treated cloud as complementary storage silos and to offload menial unstructured storage burdens.”

A global study of 1,000 C-level executives discovered that within the next three years, 76% of companies intend to move their data and analytics, office applications and customer-facing services onto a hybrid-cloud environment. But data doesn’t like to be moved.

Migrating data can take days and risk data corruption, and research based on over 1,400 IT professionals shows that 59% of data is not identified, or ‘dark’, which makes it even harder to move. Furthermore, analysis from IDG Research Services suggests that organisations’ reliance on their cloud providers to enable data movement may be contributing to the challenges.

The result is that over half (58%) of data doesn’t reside in the cloud.

According to commentary from IDG Research Services, “Data is only valuable when it’s in the right place at the right time. Being able to manage data across different cloud environments and move data in and out as needed is critical.” So what can you do to ensure data is free to move easily between your different on-premise and cloud environments?

Cloud storage has much more to offer
Next-generation hybrid-cloud storage technologies are already available and ready to bridge the gap between your on-premise applications and cloud storage services by simplifying workload mobility and cloud federation between service providers.

A Data Fabric, enabled by NetApp, weaves together the disparate data elements of the hybrid-cloud into a single integrated architecture. With hybrid IT infrastructures increasingly becoming ‘the norm’, ensuring true integration and the smooth transition of data and application management is essential.


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