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In an attempt to keep up with the pace of change, many organisations are turning to the IT department for help. Analysis from OnResearch suggests that fewer organisations now view technology as simply “necessary”. 41% view IT as a “critical differentiator and key to growth,” while another 38% say it’s “a strategic investment.”

Giving IT a place at the table when it comes to making business decisions is great progress. However, with budgets under constant pressure, it’s placing greater demands on CIOs to do more with less, and in the quickest time possible.

Back to basics
Before you can start planning and investing in new projects that leverage the power of hot trends, such as big data, analytics, social and mobility, it’s essential to ensure you have a robust IT infrastructure in place to support these applications.

According to Gartner, servers that are greater than four years’ old contribute just 4% of the total performance capabilities in the data centre, while consuming 65% of overall energy. This accounts for nearly three-quarters of a company’s total IT expenses. And data from Intel shows that a third of servers are past their manufacturer’s recommended lifespan.

However, before you reach for the wrecking ball to rip out your ageing hardware, take a second to consider the alternative. Technologies, such as hybrid-cloud, are a viable alternative to traditional on-premise storage, helping you to modernise your ageing legacy infrastructure by breathing new life into it. It enables you to leverage the benefits offered by the cloud, protect your existing hardware investments, and get your new platform up and running quickly.

There’s always a ‘but’…
Analysis from IDG Research suggests that 78% of cloud users say it’s critical or extremely important to manage data across multiple clouds. Unfortunately, today’s hybrid-clouds are a mix of isolated, incompatible data silos, which can make moving data from one cloud to another difficult.

So how can you build a cloud-ready data centre?

Data Fabric, enabled by NetApp, seamlessly connects different environments across disparate clouds, and provides the data control and choice you need. It creates the best IT environment for your business, allowing you to innovate without constraints across your choice of hybrid-cloud resources. It means you can:

  • Leverage the power of your data, regardless of whether it’s stored on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Easily move data between different cloud environments.
  • Retain control and visibility over your data.

Become a business enabler
By embracing new technologies and new service models you can deliver IT faster, cheaper, and smarter, which will ultimately make your organisation more competitive.

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