4 reasons to use Data Fabric for your hybrid-cloud

Despite data from IDG Research Services showing that 58% of data still resides in non-cloud environments, it would seem hybrid-clouds will rule the foreseeable future; IDC predicts that 80% of organisations expect to use some form of hybrid-cloud by the end of this year.

IT infrastructures are evolving and are no longer static entities marked by predictable growth. Forrester Research says hybrid-clouds are gaining widespread market adoption because they leverage existing IT resources while integrating into public and private cloud environments. They enable you to:

  • Retain greater visibility over your data.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • You’re three times more likely to achieve your business goals. (IDG Research Services)

Hybrid-cloud: Jekyll and Hyde
The beauty of hybrid-cloud storage is that it leverages the power of cloud while recognising, and working, with its limitations. Effective hybrid-cloud storage combines all elements in your IT infrastructure to create greater overall value, better performance and cost-savings.


The problem with today’s hybrid-clouds is that they are a mix of isolated, incompatible data silos, which can make moving data from one cloud to another difficult. Analysis from IDG Research suggests 78% of cloud users say it’s critical or extremely important to manage data across multiple clouds.

So what can you do?

Data Fabric makes hybrid-cloud work
Enabled by NetApp, Data Fabric seamlessly connects different environments across disparate clouds and on-premise solutions. It creates the best IT environment for your business, allowing you to innovate without constraints across your choice of hybrid cloud resources.

Enable your hybrid-cloud through Data Fabric to:

  1. Benefit from common data services across your choice of resources.
  2. Leverage the value of your data no matter where it resides.
  3. Move data from one cloud to another, with ease.
  4. Gain the data control and choice to realise the full potential of the hybrid-cloud.

NetApp’s Data Fabric customers are testament to the benefits it provides:

  • 100x increase in IT execution speed.
  • Disaster recovery without a data centre.
  • 100% of backup data in the cloud.

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