Data Fabric and the Hybrid Cloud

There have been a lot of predictions about Big Data in the last few years…

According to IDC in 2016 51% of organisations expected that within 2 years the majority of their IT capabilities will be delivered through some form of cloud service – public, private or hybrid.  At the start of 2016, 77% of organisations expected by 2018 to allocate 10% of IT budget to Public Cloud.

What are we seeing in 2018?

Every organisation is different and therefore each one is taking a different approach with specific considerations when moving to the cloud. We are seeing some common trends, concerns around Data Security are frequent, yet once people have made the move to the cloud organisations are seeing it as a benefit.


Hybrid Cloud Storage allows businesses to store data both on-premise and, in the cloud. The data’s location is dependent on its risk classification and bandwidth requirements.  Its important that data can remain fluid, just because a specific workload needs to be on-premise at the moment doesn’t mean it always will…



of companies investing in big data projects don’t have the data centre infrastructure in place

5 reasons to choose a hybrid cloud


Cost effective

Leverage the economics of Cloud to dramatically lower costs.


Eliminate complexity

Utilise Cloud standards


Forget 'rip & replace'

Optimise your on premise platforms and lighten the workload.


Retain control

Ensure you have greater visibility over your data.


Security is assured

Your in-house security policies remain around applications.

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